The five things we love about Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is an English fashion model, actress and the granddaughter of former English Heritage chairman, Sir Jocelyn Stevens.

Considering Cara is only 20 years old the 5ft 9 beauty is the no 1 model around the world as she is the face of all the recent modelling campaigns, catwalks, magazines, events and various other model related occasions across the globe.

There are many mesmerising things that we love about Cara Delevingne here at The Fashion Visuals and if we had to pick our top 5 favourites they would be ……..

Facial Expression:

You can’t beat Cara Delevingnes crazy facial expressions and what we love about her is that she clearly doesn’t take life to seriously, lives life to the full and enjoys herself. This is completely refreshing in comparison to other models that flitter around with a poker straight face with no personality whatsoever.

Two of her funny facial expressions mainly consist of …

The goofy cross eyes:
Diffusion 1
The lizard tongue :


Cara Delevingne has a sense of style that isn’t similar to many as she can be caught by the paparazzi in her usual skinny jeans, tomboy hoody and cartoon top and then pictured by the top magazines on an evening stealing the show with her outrageously beautiful looks like she did at the Cannes festival!

From day …
… To night
Diffusion 4

Quirky accessories:

Along with Caras quirky sense of style she also is a huge fan of boyish accessories such as a range of caps, goofy trainers and geeky backpacks – and here she is seen just after she bought a Sprayground bag which you can purchase and have one of your own from Diffusion.

diffusion 5
Diffusion 6
Eye brows:

It is a known fact that Cara has beautifully bushy eye brows which has brought back a trend of women having un-groomed bushy eyebrows which we absolutely love! Cara fully takes full advantage of her eyebrows and they really add comical value to her funny facial expressions.

“Look into my owls” – Off Delevingnes Instagram account:
diffusion 9
Off Caras Tumblr account:

Diffusion 8

Really need we say anymore on this …….

diffusion 10

Cara in the spring/summer 2013 Pepe Jeans advert … wowzers!