A Sweet Trip To York’s Chocolate Story!

On Sunday myself and my friends decided to take a trip to York, the sun was shining (kind of) and it was only an hour’s drive away so we thought why not? Everybody knows about the amazing Minster in York and that there are plenty of shops to look round, however one thing that I didn’t know was that York is famous for chocolate. I love chocolate, borderline obsessed and could (I pretty much do) eat it all day long, so was surprised that I didn’t know this fact.


We wandered around York, sadly a bit wet after the rain decided to fall, but came across a sign saying ‘York’s Chocolate Story’. We found our way to it and luckily for me it was situated right next door to Millie’s Cookies so I stopped off there first! We then went inside the chocolate story building to find it reasonably priced, only £8.50 for students and £9.50 for adults, plus none of us could resist a trip around somewhere with ‘chocolate’ in the title!

Image 1

We all waited in the queue and were lead upstairs via the lift with a cool door, into a dark room with a man waiting to explain all about the history of chocolate in York. I don’t want to give too much away as it is definitely worth a visit, but it was really interesting to find out how it all started, plus many free samples along the way always goes down a treat!

Image 2

The final room you got to go through the process of how chocolate is created and there were a number of interactive boards to have a play about with too. One of these you were able to create your own design of chocolate bar which I had a quick go at. You also got to make your own chocolate lolly (sadly I have no picture as I ate it too quickly…) and whilst they were setting in the fridge we watched the proper chocolatier show you how they make chocolates, plus another tasting session of course!

Image 3

If you are ever over in York then make sure to add on a trip to York’s Chocolate Story whilst you are there, the tour lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half, plus leave some time afterwards to have a sit in the café too.