Trend Alert: Junk Food Fashion

Lately, we have noticed the fashion rails in our favourite shops have been taken over by vibrant images of our much-loved indulgences. It appears that junk food is taking over the fashion industry through digital prints, fimo jewellery and even footwear.

Whilst the world of fashion is often slated for promoting unhealthy body images through the use of casting size 0 models instead of real sized women, it seems that the industry is finally indulging in a well-deserved treat! With garments and accessories boasting fatty foods such as hot dogs and sweeties, summer 2013 looks like it is going for be filled with fun fashion choices.

At Fashion Visuals we love to indulge in a sugary snack or two and these food themed pieces that are hitting the high street are definitely something that has got us talking! Whilst summer is often the season to be looking after your figure in a bid to slim down to achieve your perfect beach body, it looks like we have a new source to provide us with our sugary fix without consuming the calories!

Here we take a look at some of the tastiest fashion pieces available at the moment!

This hotdog and chips bikini from Topshop flew off the shelves and is now out of stock! This foody piece of swimwear is certain to get holiday-goers feeling a bit peckish whilst relaxing around the pool.

Exclusive to Office, these Vans trainers were recently featured on Celebrity Juice by funny man, Keith Lemon. Featuring an all-over French fry print with contrasting laces and sole, Vans have our taste buds begging for a bag of fish and chips!

Our sweet tooth has also been sent into overdrive with these delicious pieces of jewellery by Just Joleen. Joleen is a local girl who has an incredible talent for making super cute jewellery and amazing cakes! She handcrafts all of her jewellery using fimo which she bakes in an oven to set.

Katy Perry is also one for wearing her food instead of eating it. Not one to shy away from a bit of fancy dress, the quirky musician dedicated her 2011 tour to all things sweet and magical with her California Dreams tour.

We would love to know your thoughts on this fatty food fashion trend! Would you indulge in any of these tasty garments? Or will you be staying well away?