Find the perfect sunglasses to suit your face shape

Now that the sunshine is finally out we can dig out our sunglasses and cruise around with our windows down bopping our heads to Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami”, well maybe not, but the sunglasses have definitely made a welcome return in the Fashion Visuals office. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect shape of sunglasses for your face shape, but the right pair can create a look of sophistication and boost your confidence.

We have put together a quick guide to help you choose the perfect shaped sunglasses for your face shape. With summer just around the corner you don’t want to get it wrong.













ASOS – £10.

Heart Shaped Faces

For heart shaped faces, the best style to choose is a pair of sunglasses which draw attention downward, which will add width to the lower part of your face. Big oversized styles look great on heart shaped faces. Cat’s-eye and round sunglasses are going to be your style of choice. Glasses with round edges look great and soften the broad upper part of a heart shaped face. Try to avoid glasses which are overly embellished and which will draw the eye up.

0011Round glasses












iConsume – £119.95 (Ray-Ban)

Round Shaped Faces

As round faces have full cheeks and a round chin you will want to opt for something large and proportionate with your features. You will want to pick a frame shape which makes you look longer and thinner. Angular frames do this perfectly; they sharpen the face and add extra length and definition. Its best for round faces to draw attention to the top of their faces for extra length. Wide, rectangular frames are your best bet, avoid round frames as they will make your face look chubbier.

Jessica+Chastain+Modern+Sunglasses+Rectangular+7I62F4ETsJNloval glasses












River Island – £16

Oval Shaped Faces –

If you have an oval shaped face, pretty much any style of glasses will suit you (you lucky thing, you!) Glasses with slight angular frames will play up the perfectly proportioned features of an oval face.

square1square glasses












ASOS – £25 (Cheap Mondays)

Square Shaped Faces –

With square faces having more sharp and angular lines, you will want a shape which will accentuate your strong features, but which will also soften them, so a good bet is going for oval, round or cat-eye frames. Try to avoid anything with sharp geometric shapes; they will only emphasize your angular face.