What Ali Wore – The most stylish 83 year old the world has ever seen!

At last, we are greeted with a heart-warming headline in the news which is a pleasant change from the usual horror stories we have the privilege of reading today! Meet Ali, a retired doctor, father of 18 and 83 years of age. The grandpa retired as a doctor and began working as a tailor which appears to be the perfect occupation for the man who owns over 80 suits. Ali lives in Berlin and has been recognised for his incredible sense of style. Here we share the story on the grandpa’s rise to fame and some of our favourite looks that Ali has sported over the past year.

The 83 year old was first recognised as a style icon last summer when a young lady called Zoe recognised him walking past the café where she works. Impressed with his style, Zoe approached the retired doctor and asked him if she could take a photograph of his impeccable style. Ali walks the same route every day which consequently led to the keen photographer, Zoe, taking photographs of Ali’s day to day style.

Although there was a language barrier between Zoe and Ali due to Zoe knowing little German and Ali knowing little English, the pair are able to communicate mostly with smiles, friendly gestures and photographs.


Ali braves wearing TRIPLE denim and certainly pulls it off! We love his choice of shirt and matching blue bag. His stance is also very laidback making him look efforlessly cool.


The father of 18 is never spotted without a hat on his head, whether it is a beanie or a trilby. Here he sports a baseball cap and adds a splash of colour with a patterned tie and tote bag.


Looking at these photographs, you can just tell that sweet Ali loves getting his photo took. Here he looks cool in a pair of sunglasses and a trilby with another one of his many suits.


Opting for a traditional Wall Street trench coat, the doctor-turned-tailor wears a smart grey ensemble with a contrasting burgundy tie.


Ali is definitely not one to shy away from colour which he proves which this stunning electric blue suit and contrasting diamond white shoes and shirt.

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All images are sourced from Zoe’s official blog, What Ali Wore.