The Secret to Silky Smooth Legs

At Fashion Visuals we are always looking for new beauty tips that will help us to achieve a flawless look, whether it is finding a new hair detoxing shampoo or learning how to pull off the perfect DIY manicure. Here we have uncovered a great new tip that we just can’t keep to ourselves and with the summer season just around the corner, we have just discovered it in the nick of time!

What you need:

1x Razor – We use a disposable but any good razor will do

1x Handheld Detox Brush

1x Hydrating Hair Conditioner or Mask


I actually came across this wonderful tip by accident when I ran out of my usual shaving gel half way through shaving my legs in the shower. After searching around in my shower cabinet for a suitable product to compensate, I found a hair mask that I only use occasionally so figured it would do the trick. I smeared a small scoop of the mixture onto my legs and used my Botanics detox brush in circular motions to sweep away any impurities to encourage a closer shave.

The hair mask I used was the Herbal Essences ‘Hello Hydration’ which is originally for dry and damaged hair. I felt that this lotion was more effective than most other shaving gels I’ve used in the past as it left me with smooth and hydrated legs. Lately I’ve tested out a number of other conditioners to assist me whilst shaving and they all seem to be working wonders for skin providing me with long-lasting smoothness. By adhering to this secret tip you will also be giving your purse a rest! I bought this Herbal Essences hair mask when it was on a special offer of 2 for £5 whereas I usually spend £2.99 on a half-decent gel that doesn’t last as long.

Have you tried this secret to shaving tip before? Or do you have a better secret that you would like to share with us?