Ways To Enjoy No Housework Day!

April 7th is apparently also known as ‘no housework day’. I am sure some of you will jump for joy hearing that this day actually exists so definitely make the most of it! Maybe you have a hobby you wanted to spend time doing but you never normally get chance to, perhaps there is a really good film you want to watch or maybe you’re the type who will take this opportunity to go on a long walk? Whichever way you wish to spend the day, make sure there are no vacuum cleaners or ironing boards in sight! Here are some fun ideas of how you could spend the day:


Baking cakes, cookies and other sweet treats are probably some of the things you don’t get to cook in the kitchen too often, so why not bake some? It can be really fun to bake yummy things and even decorate them afterwards, then the best bit of course of getting to eat them all afterwards! Baking a simple Victoria sponge or some chocolate chip cookies will take you half an hour tops and about 2 mins to gobble some away!


Jewellery making

If you are into crafts and making things then dedicate your day off from housework by making your own jewellery. You will find jewellery making equipment at places like The Bead Shop and with all the colourful beads and pretty charms you pick out you could make some unique pieces. Necklaces and bracelets are both fairly simple to create and for some it is really relaxing to sit and do this all day.


TV marathon

If baking and getting crafty isn’t your kind of thing and you are always on the go, why not just relax on the sofa and have a TV marathon? You could watch all those shows you once taped but never get time to actually watch, pick out some DVDs that you borrowed months ago from friends or watch one of your favourite box sets. Of course lots of chocolate and hot chocolate is necessary too!


Outdoor activities

Finally for the more active ones who can’t wait to get on their walking boots you could plan a trip out in the great outdoors. Go for a stroll in a nice village with family or friends or perhaps plan a proper hike somewhere, check the weather and have a back up plan too however! You could try out a sport perhaps going for a round of golf, trying your hand at archery or taking a trip out on a boat?


Whichever way you are going to spend your weekend enjoy it, and remember no housework allowed!