Time To Book A Holiday!

With spring still not really springing yet it is definitely time to start gathering up brochures and scouring the web for a holiday! With the cold temperatures still not really improving here in the UK, I recommended booking somewhere sunny! I have put together some ideas of where you could go to get away:


If like me you aren’t much of a sun bather but still enjoy catching rays as you venture outdoors, visiting a city is a must. What better way to kick off this list than with a trip to New York? Many of the Fashion Visuals team love the big apple and with so many famous landmarks to see, shops to visit and places to eat it isn’t hard to see why! Visiting between April and May means the sun should be shining and at a comfortable heat, so you can wander around the streets and also chill out at the park too.


If the hustle and bustle of NYC doesn’t sound like your cup of tea take a trip to the country side. This is the perfect chance to relax in the open space and forget your stresses. Tuscany in Italy is the place to visit with rolling green hills and gorgeous fields filled with flowers, you can take in the stunning landscapes and you won’t have to spend too much time on a plane to get there either. May and June are the best months to visit for comfortable weather temperatures and get that much needed vitamin D from the sun!


If relaxing in the country doesn’t sound like much of a holiday to you and you want to do something active, how about snowboarding or skiing? The sun can bounce off the pure white surroundings to give you the rays you need whilst you have fun shredding the snow. You should head to Andorra as it is a popular place to visit, with lots of regulars who return back because they love it so much! The next few upcoming months again are a good time to visit and the flight is only about 3 hours.


Finally if snow is something that makes you shudder after the weather we have had, head for a sun, sea and sand holiday! If lying around on a beach, doing as little as possible apart from turning the page of your book sounds good, head to the Greek island Kefalonia. It offers pristine beaches and clear blue skies and seas, sounds perfect! The best time to go is between May and July so the sun will be shining down as you head out to hidden white beaches only accessible by boat.