Easter Weekend Detox

Now the Easter celebrations are coming to an end, we hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have! Following the expected over consumption of chocolate eggs and alcohol, we think it is time to look after our bodies by creating a detox plan to perk ourselves up and make us feel good again!


As many of you will already know, it is essential to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your body, especially if you consumed large amounts of alcohol at the weekend. By increasing your usual intake of liquids such as water and soups, you will be able to flush out the alcohol in no time and will also prevent problems such as dehydration. After an indulgent weekend, we love creating our own fruit smoothies and juices to give our bodies the vitamins and goodness they need.

Fruity-Smoothie-Recipe-284x300 (1)

Sweat it out

We find that after a fun-filled weekend of cheeky treats and luxuries, we are often left feeling tired and bloated. To beat this feeling and to give your body the boost it needs, we love a good fitness workout at the gym. Some of us at Fashion Visuals attend our local Activ8 fitness club that provides us with a range of professional gym equipment, fitness classes and other fitness facilities to help us get back into shape after a long and indulgent weekend!



Rather than hibernating in your bed all day long, you could continue your detox by relaxing in a warm bubble bath. We love treating ourselves to a bath bomb or two as they are a great way to make our soak more relaxing. If you have access to a leisure centre or spa you could always spend some time indulging in the luxury amenities such the Jacuzzi or steam room which will help to open and cleanse your pores.


If you have any detoxing tips for us to try, we’d love to hear from you!