Our love for fashion photography

Here at Fashion Visuals we love fashion photography, and how it has developed its own aesthetic in which clothes and fashions are enchanted by the presence of exotic locations and accessories. Fashion photography can take you away from the real world into a fantasy world of a unique vision of beauty. To us the photography of fashion is just a beautiful as the fashion it self. It can take you away into a dream land just as a fairy tale is able to.

Vogue magazine has made its mark on fashion with its unique and sometimes daring fashion photography. They do not only want to show you the clothes and accessories, they want to create beauty which clothing itself cannot. Hundreds of hours of effort and dedication must go into every single image before it can be considered complete. Each photo is like a movie script, the model must play the part beautifully is order for the photograph to have depth and not to just be a still mage on a piece of paper. Fashion photography is so much more than that. It has layers, it has a story, and it has characters. Every detail has to be primed and sculpted before the editor, photographer and everyone involved can call, “that’s a wrap”.

We have chosen a handful of our favourite fashion photography stills to share with you. These are the most influential, most beautiful and most inspirational photographs which we love.



Many people believe being a model just involves having to stand there and look pretty to be able to do a job. It is so much more. In fact being a model may be one of the hardest jobs in the industry. You have to have guts, determination and a whole lot of stamina.

In this photograph above, the model laid completely naked while a fully grown snake slithered across her body. The model remained calm and beautiful and it was not until the snake made its way up the model’s body and inserted its tongue into her ear that the photograph was complete. This is a prime example of fashion photography which displays beauty rather than designer clothing or accessories such as the ones found on Designer Desirables. If a photograph can grasp your attention without it having focus on an inanimate object, you know you have a winning picture.


As well as fashion, fashion photography is big on having live animals, and in the instance of the photo above, insects. Livestock which is considered feared or dangerous adds an extra dimension to the photograph. In the photograph above a great amount of time was taken to find the perfect bee for the part (yes, Vogue held bee auditions) once the bee was found a model was searched for who could tell a story with just her mouth. Originally this photo was supposed to be lips closed with the bee crawling over them, however the model was brave enough to open her mouth and even let the bee insert its leg into her mouth and sit on her teeth.


This is just one of the photographs from a whole series which were taken to incorporate the “Alice in Wonderland” theme. It emphasised the idea of fashion photography really being a fairy tale world in which you cannot help but get lost in. The photography of fashion was made for the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”