How to get fit and healthy for summer …..

With spring a matter of weeks away and summer a couple of months it is now time to start preparing your bodies for beach weather which means you will need a health and fitness plan sorted to get yourself into shape.

To many the thought of following a healthy regime full of hard work outs can be their worst night mare but having a beach body and looking great and feeling confident is vitally important when you jet off into the sun.

Here at The Fashion Visuals we have taken inspiration from, Kourtney Kardashian and her healthy approach to losing weight as she managed to lose 44 pounds after the second birth of her baby girl, Penelope.

Although it is slightly different shedding baby weight to normal weight she is still a great inspiration to follow as not only has she worked out and eaten the healthy way gradually over 6 months but she looks absolutely amazing and has a body better than most women who haven’t had two children!

Kinetica Body Inspiration

Kourtneys diet plan consisted of the following:

Breakfast: Protein shake with a banana

Lunch: A piece of fish or a salad with avocado

Dinner: Fresh soup such as butternut squash, tomato or zucchini

If she feels peckish, Kourtney carries cut up celery in bags with a little bit of hummus and she doesn’t drink alcohol which contains huge amounts of unnecessary calories!

Kourtneys exercise regime consist of getting up at 7:00am everyday before her children woke up and she exercised with a trainer, but she also claims to have shed the pounds by doing plenty of walking with her huge pram which would consist of a lot of up hill walking.

Kinetica - Kourtney before and after

If you love the idea of Kourtneys healthy eating and exercise plan then you can make your own protein shakes using the following recipe from Kinetica Sports or you can have a go at whipping up your own shakes if you feel  confident enough too!

 Kinetica Recipes