National Book Day

National Book Day 

The 7th March celebrates national book day. A day where we can celebrate the superb book in all its glory. Books have been around for many thousands of years and are a popular reading choice for many, both the young and the old.

Today there are many different kinds of books available to us, whether we want to find out some information, or just sit back and relax with a novel. There is a book out there to suit every kind of personality and today there are plenty to choose from if you are looking for some new reading material.

If you are after a funny book to start reading, then why not take a look at some of our suggestions below and see if any suit you.


Commando Dad Basic Training – This is a great book for new dads to read and have a laugh with. Inside you will find instructions on how to be an ‘elite’ dad and how to look after your little baby trooper. Written by an ex-commando, this is a book filled with light hearted fun, but also some serious advice too.

1321278864-24234000Mind Bending Brain Trickery – If you feel like giving your brain a workout, then why not choose this mind bending book full of brain trickery. You will find puzzles, conundrums and games which you and your friends can take part in. Bring it out at your next dinner party and have some mind bending fun with your visitors.


The Joy Of Sheds – If the man in your life owns a shed, then this is certainly the book for them. This funny book includes chapters such as shed experiences, pimp your shed and the Genus shed. You will also find some fun shed facts and chronicles of mans need for small spaces.


How To Speak Wookiee – If you are a Star Wars fan, then why not choose this book. Anyone who watched and loved the Star Wars films will enjoy reading this book. How To Speak Wookiee does exactly what it says on the tin. You will find many phrases that Wookiee’s use and will come in handy next time you come across one on your galactic travels.


Top Gear 100 Maddest Cars – Any car or motor fan would love to read this book. Inside you will find a collection of 100 autos including a few record breaking cars. Fans of the television show will take great pleasure in this fantastic book and all the motors found within it.

Any of these books would be worthy of a read. Whether you are looking for a new one for your self to enjoy or perhaps a present for someone special, these would make perfect gifts for men as well as other family members and friends. Check out some of these and see if any suit you and your reading tastes.