One of our favourite designers from LFW – Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer and business woman and is one of the most eccentric, daring and fabulous fashion designers that the world has ever seen. Known for her love of punk, this is very much featured throughout many of her collections and one of the reasons why, Westwood has made such a huge mark on the fashion scene.

What many people don’t realise about, Vivienne Westwood is when she attended the University of Westminster to study fashion and silversmithing when she was 17 she left after one term and stated: “I didn’t know how a working-class girl like me could possibly make a living in the art world”.

If only she had known then how much of a fashion success she is today and that she is such a fantastic woman for inspiring many men and women around the world for being such a sensational fashion designer with a unique eye for creating collections that are nothing less than superb.


For London Fashion week, Vivienne Westwood has featured many of her collections in the show and each year they never fail to impress on the runway. Let’s take a look at the fabulous clothing, out of this world accessories and eccentric womens designer shoes that she has created over the past few years at LFW …

Autumn/ Winter 2010

This design which was catwalked in 2010 very much oozes everything that, Vivienne Westwood stands for with the funky tartan prints, bold red shoes, contrasting patterned over-sized trousers and a long, smart and sophisticated coat to add a completely different twist to the punky vibe outfit.

Spring/ Summer 2011

Here, Vivienne has added plenty of punky twists to a traditional looking short suit as she teamed boldly printed knee-high socks with a contrasting pair of gold and blue lace-ups and a mis-matching top which when teamed together provided a very niche and stylish look for a stroll out in the summer.


Autumn/ Winter 2011

For winter 2011, Westwood followed her theme of structured pieces of clothing such as shorts or suits and combined them with mix-matched patterns, vibrant colours and Victorian styled accessories. For this design she’s used the structured shorts to team up warm woolly socks, leather boots and a very contrasting striped jumper and patterned scarf which she then touched up with a feminine coloured grandpa style hat which extraordinarily looked amazing.


Spring/ Summer 2012

Last summer the theme very much stuck with the punky/rock theme as, Vivienne Westwood combined an over-sized punky skirt with a neutral and feminine strapless vest, a huge gold Vivienne Westwood chain and a bold and beautiful head scarf which featured a multi selection of colours.


Autumn/ Winter 2012

This outfit outshined many of the outfits from the, Vivienne Westwood collection as the bold red tights combined with strappy peep toes, tartan bag and over sized dress, coat and scarf really oozed funky sex appeal, sophistication and winter warmth which is a tricky look to provoke from one outfit.


Spring/ Summer 2013

This year, Vivienne really wowed audiences at London Fashion Week with her collection of vibrant, over powering and exciting designs which really added a burst of colour, personality and life to the catwalk. This outfit really shone out from them all as not only is the model wearing bright green face paint but she is also wearing a huge flower bouquet styled hat on her head which really was unlike anything seen at the other designer shows. This red dress looked amazing with the layered materials at the top and bottom of the dress as it provokes a feminine yet sexy and punky vibe.