Celebrity festival trend setters

It’s that time of year again. Festival fever has grabbed the nation as we dwindle down what we are going to wear to this year’s most popular music celebrations. Music and fashion have always had a strong connection, and that’s why the fashion at festivals is always one to watch out for. These days it is about how you look whilst listening to your favourite live bands. Colour, floral patterns are two huge elements of the festival fashion scene. Each year a new celebrity will be seen wearing an item which will set off a trend frenzy across the nation, a big trend setter has and always will be, Kate Moss.

The model loves festivals and can often be seen wondering around here there and everywhere looking fantastic! She pulls of festival fashion perfectly. With a sustained style, she also knows the importance of practicality during a festival. As well as Kate Moss, many celebrities have the years have set trends which have lasted year after year. Here are just a few.


Jimi Hendrix, at Woodstock in 1969 with the famous and still popular tassel fringe was a hit, and to this day people flock to festivals in their thousands wearing what Jimi first started, the tassel fringe.


Joe Cocker brought the tie dye era to a start also at Woodstock that year. To this day people experiment with their tie dye skills to make a statement at festivals.


The Clash set the ever popular fashion of skinny jeans and slogan t-shirts. This style is worn everywhere, not just at festivals. But this truly is one of the most popular festivals styles ever. Hip and practical, perfect.


And of course, Kate Moss. This fashion beauty even makes the grungy, muddy and messy festival look stylish. No matter what Kate decides to wear she is clever enough to know she will need hard wearing wellies to keep her self wet and mud free. Aigle Wellies and Hunter Wellies are a great choice for any festival. Be prepared and look great!